Blades for shear presses and demolition pliers

Description These blades are frequently used in the recycling industry for metal scraps recovery, but also for demolitions. They are installed in hydraulic arms and presses able to deploy several tons in clamping force. Our blades need to resist to these stresses repeated many times per day. For this reason the choice of material, thermal treatment and they're quality as
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Custom made HM circular blades

Description Povelato manifactures circular saws with HM plates, the blades are custom made usually with high diameter (500-2000 mm); these are used in the cutting of many types of wood. In collaboration with the customer we choose the thickness and the number of teeth comfortable for the requested logs size. In addition, is avilable the complete range of standard blades
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Chipper blades

Description Blades for chippers are produce with a particular steel: specially designed for this usage; the high resistance combined with a good hardness allow a long lasting cutting edge. The sizes manifactured go from 50 to 1200 mm of lenght. Povelato can also build toothed blades for the production of wood wool, involved in the packaging area.