Special tools


Povelato for over 50 years have been working on special tools, so we can proudly claim to have developed an important experience in this area.

Our modern department is constantly updated to the newest technologies and produces various types of tools, manifactured starting from drawing or sample supplied by the customer.

Here tools are produced with brazed or integral Hart Metal, HSS, HSS-Co and other powdered metals.

These tools have different applications: from steel industry to aviation, from automotive area to energetic one; the main categories of tool manufactured are:

  • Integral or brazed HM cutters (shanked and circular);
  • Shaped and profiled endmills;
  • Reamers;
  • Drills of various shapes and materials;
  • Broaches;
  • Subland twist drills in HM, HSS;
  • Shaped tools for turning;
  • Anti-wear parts.