after sales services for all needs

Povelato’s offer to customers is not limited to top quality products but it extends to maintenance and after selling services. These ensure the clients a constant and efficient production:


fast and effective; for linear blades, circular blades and special tools


for various usages and from top brands


for covered areas, every two weeks


possibility to customize your products


Povelato offers its customers a sharpening service and assistance for all the products manifactured. In particular the modern special tools workshop is equipped with hi-tech measuring instruments to ensure restricted tolerances for its products.

The circular blades department offers restoration and regeneration procedures for blades involved in metals cutting. Finally a resharpening service is available for linear blades (shears and grinders), so the client can reduce downtime by fixing an appointment with Povelato’s technicians.

Standard products

The company trades many technical products in addition to internal manifactured ones: we can offer
mechanical fixing tools, drills, machine taps, inserts, cutters, reamers, workshop and precision equipment, circular HSS blades, saw blades, abrasive wheels and much more.

Everything is coming from companies leading in the respective markets, with which excellent tarde agreements has been reached.


Povelato srl offers in the covered areas a particular service including delivery of new/restored products and withdraw of old ones.

Don’t worry if you are not in the covered area becuase you can use national couriers with reduced prices.

Laser marking

To satisfy even the hardest requests, Povelato equipped its depot with a making laser.

Thanks to this technology we can allow our customers to customize their products with logos, ID codes, abbreviations, or images; so any blade can be recognized from the others.

Max marking area: 110×110 mm

For any request, contact us!